February 25, Reading 2 – Psalm 52, 53, 54


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

What do you trust in? David trusted in God’s unfailing love. (Ps 52) The same word is also translated mercy. David’s hope was not in God’s promise or covenant with him (the result), but in God’s love and mercy (the source).

SJA Notes

“They have all fallen away; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.”

This is why we need Jesus.

Our big problem is that we are all broken beyond our own repair. We do not naturally seek out our creator, in fact our hearts are hard and our wills are stubborn against Him.

So we need a new heart, a new and contrite spirit.

And we can only find these in the salvation that God (and only Him) brings.

We must be born again! (Read John 3)

* God of grace and mercy,

Please show us Jesus today. Please write Your word upon our hearts.

Thank You that through Him we can know You.


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