January 17, Reading 3 – Matthew 12:22-50


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SAA Notes

Everyone knew that Jesus was a son (descendant) of David. Verse 23 has the question as to whether Jesus could be the SON of David – the one prophesied about, the coming Messiah. Notice Jesus’ warning in verses 40+ regarding how we receive His resurrection.

SJA Notes

Something greater is here!

How much do these words of Jesus grip our hearts and minds – Something greater than Jonah, who preached and a hundred thousand people in the mighty city of Ninevah repented. Something greater than Solomon, who oversaw Israel at its peak, the wisest of men.

Do we really, practically, recognise that Jesus is GREATER?

We must fix this firmly in our minds, unwavering, that Christ is greater. Greater than those around us, greater than the best of men, greater than the current group think, greater than the world powers.

He is greater than everything. He is greater than us.

Rather than a source of consternation and frustration, this should be a relief and blessing to us! That we have a King that is GREATER.

* Father God, Lord above,

Please forgive us our sins Lord, today and onwards.

Please aright our hearts and minds, as we walk this road.

And as we think on Jesus, the something that is GREATER, let us be moulded and shaped towards Him.

Thank You for Jesus Lord God! For His salvation work, that He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, our companion, and that He shows us how to live.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

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