January 11, Reading 1 – Genesis 15, 16


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SAA Notes

The words of 15:1 are well worth meditating on. With Abraham, we are given the example of his faith. We are also given the example of his stupidity. Sarah connives what she later blames Abram for.

SJA Notes

“Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.”

These are the words that God speaks to Abram/soon Abraham in our passage today.

But they are not just for Abraham, they are for us too.

And what wonderful strength we feel in them.

That our Father in heaven calls on us not to fear, though the storm should come and the tempest rage about us.

That God protects us, that He is with us. Our shield and defender, an ever-present help in trouble.

That we have a reward like nothing else. Eternal life!

(Isaiah 43 is a wonderful deepening of these truths. God exhorts us not to fear, that He is with us, that He gives great reward.)

Thank You Lord that You are our shield!

Thank You Lord that You have gifted us with eternal life, an inheritance like no other!

And thank You Lord for Your command to us, that we fear not (even in the most terrible of circumstances), for You are with us!

You are the LORD, and beside You there is no saviour.


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