November 25, Reading 3 – John 18:1-27


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SAA Notes

John highlights the fact that Jesus was brought to Annas first. Annas could not find one charge to bring against the Christ. This is important! The priest finds no blemish in the sacrifice! This is important testimony to who Jesus is and shows what He has come to do.

SJA Notes

“When Jesus said to them, ‘I am he,’ they drew back and fell to the ground.”

Every knee will bow before the King.

Who do we seek? We seek Jesus too, to know Him and love Him as He loves us.

These men sought Jesus, to capture Him and eventually to kill Him.

But they fell before the King too, just as we fall before Him.

So here we see a little of what will come in full on that last day. All will bow before the King.

* Father God,

May we bow in humble adoration before You each day, acknowledging Your rule over our lives, Your love for us, Your kindness, grace and mercy.

Please may those around us come to bow before You as King of their lives, to seek You out each day.


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