November 12, Reading 3 – John 10:1-18


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SAA Notes

This most wonderful passage on the Good Shepherd should be read in conjunction with Psalm 23. Jesus is no hireling. What do you find challenging, heartening or comforting in Jesus’ words about Himself?

SJA Notes

“I am the good shepherd.”

These words from Jesus should stir our spirits with great joy and encouragement; they should strengthen us in our walk each day; and they should provide us with a firm and strong foundation for all of life.

Jesus is the shepherd. We are the sheep.

He guards us, protects us. But more, He speaks to us and His voice is wonderful.

Even more, He calls us by name – Each and every one of us through all of time, the span of this mortal coil.

What a Saviour this is – That He takes us in His arms, wraps us up, watches over us, and that He knows us, each of us.

“I am the good shepherd.”

We are to be greatly encouraged with these words, repeated here. Because Jesus is our shepherd, and we are His sheep.

* Gracious Father God,

Thank You for Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Thank You for the charge You gave to Him, Father to Son, to lay down His life to us, the sheep.

May we walk as an obedient flock, listening to the shepherd’s voice, heeding His crook.


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