October 7, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 40


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SAA Notes

A most severe test comes upon the survivors within Israel. This is a time of turmoil, betrayal and fear. Johanan is correct regarding Ishmael’s plot. The test for Johanan is soon to come – will he believe God in the midst of the realisation of his fears.

SJA Notes

* Merciful God Above, thank You for Your word. Please write it on our hearts today.

“… then all the Judeans returned from all the places to which they had been driven and came to the land of Judah, to Gedaliah at Mizpath.”

Jeremiah is given the choice, and then chooses – not to go into exile to Babylon. He stays in Judah with the remnant of the remnant, the poor and lowly.

And then a wonderful thing happens.

God’s people who had been driven out previously across many generations, they return!

There is a picture here for us, of our own state and God’s wonderful grace and mercy.

Back at this time, God’s people heard the good news of peace, even under the Babylonian strong hand – And they returned.

Before Adam and Eve fell we as humanity were bound in unity with God.

But sin came.

Sin is the great divider, the exiler, the breaker and destroyer – In Adam we are all far apart from our Creator God, that relationship void.

And yet … In Jesus (the good news of peace!) we can come back to our Heavenly Father, to be His children in truth, the new covenant He makes with us kept on both sides by Jesus.

Jesus is the binder, the returner, the fixer and the preserver.

As the people returned to the land back in Jeremiah’s time – May we return today, to the feet of our King, the shadow of the Almighty, resting secure (rescued) in His arms.

* God Almighty,

May we return to You! May our loved ones, our friends and family, our neighbours and the folk we might see or work with or say hi but not know very well – May they come to know You Lord as King and Saviour!

Thank You that as God the Father You save us by Your grace.

Thank You that as God the Son You save us by Your righteousness, death, blood and life.

Thank You that as God the Spirit You save us by Your illumination, Your renovation and Your preservation.

Thank You Lord!


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