September 8, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 8


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SAA Notes

God questions why we don’t return to Him. Israel’s future is like dry bones dug up and scattered over a cemetery. Ezekiel felt the same thing. Jeremiah does the best thing – he turns in agonised prayer to his Comforter!

SJA Notes

“Everyone turns to his own course, like a horse plunging headlong into battle.”

This is a passage of much sadness – God the Father speaking to His children, speaking about His children.

How relevent is this passage to us today!

We see around us, and perhaps we do too, people refusing to repent. Instead, we plunge headlong on our own course, folly and evil.

“Even the stork in the heavens knows her times, and the turtledove, swallow, and crane keep the time of their coming, but my people know not the rules of the LORD.”

Do we know God’s rules? Is His word written and being written upon our hearts? His testimonies, His laws, His commands, His statutes (remember the wonderful Psalm 119!).

And what a depth of emotion in God’s words through Jeremiah here!

“My joy is gone; grief is upon me; my heart is sick within me.”

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there?”

We can joyfully praise God that He promised and delivered our balm, the Great Physician – Jesus Christ!

It’s in Him that our course is to be fixed, according to His Word, Him being the Word become flesh. It’s through His work, His sending the Holy Spirit, that our hearts have His word written on them, so that we can walk in obedience.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Father God,

Thank You for sending Jesus, our balm and saviour, our king and our physician.

In Him we are saved. Dead hearts brought back to life.

Thank You!


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