August 2, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 6, 7


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SAA Notes

The thing about the calves is that the cows acted against their nature and left their calves. This was a testimony to the Philistines that the Lord is God ā€“ God in Philistia too. He is no regional god. Samuel calls Israel to repentance. The heart of repentance is seen in verse 7:3.

SJA Notes

It’s pretty amazing to read the words from the lips of unbelievers, words that reflect the reality of who God is.

The Philistine priests and diviners tell the rulers to give glory to the God of Israel!

And more, they hark back to a time hundreds of years before, warning the leaders to not be like Pharoah and the Egyptians. Yowza! To not harden their hearts like they did.

Out of the mouths of unbelievers comes such truth!

And then later in the reading we see a wonderful intercession, like Moses, Samuel cries out to the Lord for Israel.

Israel who had sinned, turning after other gods. Gods like those of the Philistines who couldn’t even come close to being real like the God of Israel showed Himself to be (to the Philis).

Samuel pleads with the Lord, and the Lord responds, subduing the Philistines.

This reading again shows us that there aren’t good or bad people. We’re all broken, no question.

It’s the LORD that matters. It’s His Spirit in us that is the difference.

Samuel knew that. And this reading is an encouragement for us to know and live out the same truth.

P.S. Samuel judged Israel, I was incorrect last reading to say Eli was the last judge! Also incorrect because of Jesus, ha!

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