August 13, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 19:8-20:42


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SAA Notes

The story of Jonathan and David’s friendship reminds you of Jesus’ with the beloved disciple. John records Jesus’ words: I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:15. How do I count my friendship with the Son of David?

SJA Notes

Another sad and sorry story of people and decisions in this passage. Betrayal, attempted murder, the forceful parting of a wonderful friendship.

Saul tries to kill David again with a spear.

Michal loved David with all her heart, and deceives her father for David. But even here there are breadcrumbs to her spiritual state, using a household god as a dummy in the bed.

Saul’s character and heart continue to show themselves as he sprials down into a rotten core of anger, frustration, bitterness and loneliness.

Saul tries to kill his own son.

Jonathan, a faithful and loving character, kind and generous. His heart is knit with David’s, his trust in the Lord rock-solid.

Jonathan is the true focus of this passage. It is his mediation that is at the crux of the reading.

For us it is good to read about these characters. They help us to see what life is like with and without the Lord. They help us see consequence and responsibility.

How good it is for us that Jesus is a mediator whose work was entirely and completely successful, once for all, there is no time limit on His work! His mediation was not between a man and a man, but between God and His people.

In Jesus we see God keeping both sides of the covenant, in an act of love that is without precedent when we understand a little of what it took for God to enact what He did in sending Jesus to the cross.

What a wonderful King we have, a loving God, faithfulness unending, steadfast love that never fails.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Gracious Lord God,

Thank You for saving us through the work of You as Son on the cross.

Thank You that Your love is steadfast and Your faithfulness is without end.

Thank You that we can trust You, rely on You, that we can hold to You as a rock in a storm, steady and sure.

Thank You Lord God.


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