June 7, Reading 3 – Luke 12:1-21


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SAA Notes

These words were spoken to thousands! The last part of verse 7 has always been precious to believers! What has Jesus given you to think about today?

SJA Notes

“… For one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

We can get so very easily caught up in wanting more treasure here on earth. Maybe not swimming through a money pit, but there are many variations and gradients along that path.

Instead, we are encouraged and exhorted to grow and build and gain and work for treasures in heaven!

And so we make decisions that might seem a little wonky to the world. We invest in our children, in family worship, in our corporate church family life. We care for the broken and have a heart for the lost.

We take time each day to read God’s word, to come and bow before Him and sometimes wrestle too with Him in prayer.

We walk obediently under His Sovereign will, going about His will, because He says that if we love Him we will do what He tells us.

* Gracious Father,

Thank You for Your word. Thank You for a passage such as this, which warns us against the pursuit of worldly wealth, and exhorts us towards the pursuit of You, Your holiness, treasure stored with You in glory.

Please help us to keep our eyes fixed on You.


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