June 3, Reading 3 – Luke 10:25-42


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SAA Notes

Jesus answers the same question He answered for Nicodemus in John 3:3 – that of the Ten Commandments. John 3 is from the perspective of God’s love, Luke 10 from that of our love for God and neighbour. The Ten Commandments teach us the principles of true love.

SJA Notes

Here is the upside-down nature (from man’s perspective) of the true reality of creation, the word that Jesus teaches.

Who is it that shows mercy in the parable? The high church official? The keeper of the law of God?


It is the outcast stranger, the half-breed without much (seeming) spiritual importance.

How much do our minds and hearts go after the logic and wisdom of the world? We judge on the exterior, we show partiality, we look for human adulation and seek to establish our own kingdoms.

But the way of Jesus is on a different spectrum completely.

The way of mercy.

In the parable here it is the Samaritan, shunned by “true” Israelites, who walked this way. Not the super-spiritual and the super-legal.

Let’s be encouraged in the way of mercy, reminded of our constant need to walk humbly under God’s will, being fed and exhorted by His word each day.

* Father God,

Thank You for Jesus, who shows us Your will. Please help us to walk in this way of mercy.

Please remind us of who You are, what You have done. And please remind us of our own state, that we bring nothing of merit.

Thank You for saving us, through the straight gate and on the narrow road.


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