June 27, Reading 3 – Luke 23:13-46


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SAA Notes

Consider the several sayings of Jesus on the cross. What He said at that time is well worth our perusal. His words of warning to the sorrowing women should give us pause as to the belief in any magical protection we have as His people from the terrors of life. Will we walk with Him? That is the question.

SJA Notes

“And their voices prevailed.”

This is a statement of weight and importance, of great sorrow.

While Pilate desired to see Jesus freed, he didn’t desire it that much.

“So Pilate decided that their demand should be granted.”

In the end Pilate did what the people wanted. He caved to the pressure they exerted, and condemned an innocent man. More, he condemned the Son of God, the King of Glory who had come down and taken human form.

Luke points us to the balancing of the scales, so to speak. That while Jesus the right man was condemned, Barabbas the wrong man was freed.

In a way, we are like Barabbas. Enemies of God, the unrighteous – Made friends of God and standing within righteousness, because of Jesus. He took our punishment, our shame, the eternal weight of our sin – He bore it. And so we stand in His righteousness.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Father God,

Please aright our hearts and minds this day. Teach us from Your word what You would have us know. Sink us in self that we might rise in You.

We thank You for Jesus. Thank You that through Him we were freed.

Thank You great God above.


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