May 28, Reading 3 – Luke 8:22-39


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SAA Notes

All along through these passages, we encounter the question: who is this? Luke has become convinced about who Jesus is. Are you? Find one point in these two incidents that strengthens your faith. How did the healed demon-possessed man think and feel at this time?

SJA Notes

Again from a gospel we read this story of the man with many demons. Legion they are called, for they are many.

It can seem strange for us, the idea of a single demon possessing someone, let alone a multitude. What sort of capacity of understanding did the man have? Did he have any control at all? Was he driven to temporary madness, or was it not temporary and only Jesus’ healing cured him?

And even more, Jesus allows (gives permission, really important) the herd of demons to jump across into the herd of swine. The pigs succumb immediately, either drowning themselves because of or being drowned due to the possession.

A really strange event.

And yet, what is Jesus’ purpose? He won’t even let this man, now in his right mind (Hallelujah, see the Good Physician!) follow around with Him.

Instead, our King commands His newly minted vassal to return home and preach the good news (how much God had done for him).

See the obedience of this believer! “And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.”

What an example this is! Let us be exhorted to tell those around us how much God has done for us too.

* God Above,

You have done so much for us, thank You!

Thank You for healing us of our dead hearts, our dry bones, our sin! What a God You are!

Please help us each day, to take every opportunity You present to tell those around us of what You have done for us. Whether that is through a kind word, a humble action, a steady hand.

In whatever context and in whatever way, please help us be more like Jesus.


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