April 19, Reading 2 – Psalm 140, 141


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SAA Notes

Slander is both evil and violent. The Bible is a mirror that we quake to look into! When I slander I don’t want to think of myself like this. Our prayer should be as in Psalm 141:3,4. When slandered yourself, talk to the Lord as David did!

SJA Notes

Aye, these two psalms are each side of the coin of slander (read Stuart Snr’s notes).

In 140, David cries out to the Lord against those evil men who bring mischief with their lips.

And in 141, David cries out to the Lord against his own tongue, that the Lord would set a guard over his mouth, and watch the door of his lips.

As with David we experience both of these sides. We are spoken against with evil intent, and we speak with evil (that’s what it is) intent.

The answer is so crystal clear, the answer for both of these problems: CRY OUT TO THE LORD!

Come to Jesus. Let His righteousness wash over us, the safety is His work on the cross, His resurrection power at work in us.

Come to Jesus. Our own thoughts, words and deeds are but filthy rags. It is HIS thoughts, HIS words, HIS DEEDS that are to be ours, ours to seek and long for, ours to follow after.

Let us seek refuge in Jesus. Let us thank God for righteous brothers and sisters who bring us rebuke, even if just by their godly practice and faithfulness (they aren’t aware they are rebuking).

Praise God that in Jesus we are righteous, in Jesus we can dwell in His presence.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour we have!

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