April 17, Reading 2 – Psalm 136, 137


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SAA Notes

As you look back over the years, as you look back especially on the Gospel history of Jesus, do you see that God is Someone whose love, mercy, and covenant faithfulness (all meanings of the Hebrew word: chesed) endures forever!

SJA Notes

“… for his steadfast love endures forever.”

The psalmist here walks us through the refrain of Israel’s history BUT with a reminder at each point.


The purpose of the remembering is the same as previously. Not to point Israel to themselves as the important subject or object – But to the LORD.

HE struck down the firstborn of Egypt.

HE divided the Red Sea in two.

HE struck down great kings.

HE gave their land as a heritage.

What a wonderful hope we can see for us in this psalm. The Lord remembers us in our low estate. His steadfast love endures forever.

In Jesus God remembers us in our low estate. Because our estate _is_ low. We are broken, desperate, without hope in ourselves or anything outside of Him.

But God’s steadfast love endures … For how long? A moment? A week? No. His love is steadfast and endures FOREVER.

HE has rescued us from the greatest of foes. Death. Sin. The Devil.

And has rescued us into life. The hope of heaven. ETERNAL LIFE with God living amongst us. His as our God. We as His people.

What a hope we have!

* God Almighty,

Thank You Lord for Your steadfast love! We praise You!

Thank You for saving us – Hallelujah Lord, thank You!


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