April 1, Reading 3 – Mark 2:1-22


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Here is a famous incident of the paralytic with four friends. Notice that verse 10 informs us that Jesus HAS AUTHORITY to forgive sins! That’s in today’s world too! Jesus follows this up with another demonstration of His authority to forgive sins – with Matthew (or Levi as he was called).

SJA Notes

Jesus said, “Follow me.”

Our Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, He has said this to us!

To walk with Him, to listen to His voice, to do what He tells us, to love and serve Him all our days.

Notice that Levi rose and followed Jesus. Following takes action. Daily obedient active trust.

Our King has called us, the true shepherd of God’s sheep.

May our lives be marked with true worship, true service, heart-earnest desire for His word.

* Gracious Lord,

Please show us Jesus today. Help us be His disciples in spirit and truth.

May we follow Him all the days of our lives.


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