February 8, Reading 1 – Genesis 46:1-47:26


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SAA Notes

God graciously appears to Jacob and confirms his going to Egypt. Joseph’s relationship with his brothers is amusing because it’s so like our sibling relationships. What do you find of blessing or encouragement in your own life from this passage?

SJA Notes

“He presented himself to him and fell on his neck and wept on his neck a good while.”

We can imagine a little of this emotional reunion.

The welling up inside Joseph, after so long. Sold as a slave, mistreated when innocent of the crime, imprisoned for two years.

Then many years of working diligently as the top mover and shaker in Egypt.

And now, after all of that, he gets to see his dad again.

This story should make us feel. It’s a wonderful example of how we are built, how we operate, that we are emotional beings.

And how good it is to look forward to the embrace of our heavenly Father in glory, when He will gather us in His arms – Like a mother hen with her chicks.

* Lord God,

Thank You for Your love and kindness to us.

Thank You that we read here of Joseph seeing his dad again after so long apart.

Thank You for the sure and steady hope we have, that one day we will see You, our heavenly Father, in truth.


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