January 4, Reading 3 – Matthew 4


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SAA Notes

In the Arabah (desert), Jesus overcame the Devil’s testing. The Arabah is where Israel covenanted to be eternally faithful to the Lord – a covenant they were unable to keep even for a generation. This is where Israel camped before crossing to Jericho. He came to His own as David’s anointed heir!

SJA Notes

Matthew shows us here the practical outworking of Jesus being God’s Word become flesh.

Satan tries to tempt Jesus with scripture! Imagine that.

But God’s Word is TRUTH. And Jesus shows us that even when someone might use the bible to try and make us doubt God’s goodness, doubt that He is in control, doubt that we can trust Him – Even then, His word is alive and active and powerful to refute bad doctrine and evil temptation.

Jesus was the greatest of preachers. He took God’s Word, that He was in flesh, and delivered the message to those around Him.

And it’s good for us to be encouraged, that Jesus’ message, the gospel He preached, was the same message John the Baptist preached. Repent!

And you know, as we’ve read through the Old Testament, it’s the same message since Genesis, all the way through to the final prophets ending with Malachi.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

This is not a new message, it is the gospel that has been in place since before the world was made (Rev 13:8).

Hallelujah, what a God we have! What a Saviour!

* Father Above,

Thank You for calling us to repentance and belief, through Jesus, Your Word become flesh.

Please help us to preach Your message to those around us, our lives as a living sacrifice, pointing at every part to Jesus.


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