January 2, Reading 2 – Job 2:11-3:26


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SAA Notes

Job’s three friends might have woeful theology, but they do feel for him. The reasons for Job’s cursing his birth are revealed in verses 20-26. What did Job fear? What do you fear?

SJA Notes

“And they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights,”

Whatever may come with these friends of Job they did care for him.

We might have friends like this.

They sat with Job for a whole week without speaking, seven days! That is a fair while, a shows a dedication to their friendship.

Because Job is very, very low.

“Why did I not die at birth, come out from the womb and expire?”

He has suffered the brutal loss of his children, complete business bankruptcy and physical ailments that cover his entire body (affecting no doubt his mental state as well).

Job sits in ashes and scratches himself with a broken piece of a pot.

Job is miserable. He is heart-broken and he cries out to the Lord.

This first passage from Job is one of bleakness, questioning why he has lived all these years for such a time of sorrow.

His questions are valid, his thoughts are important – They show us a person wrestling with terrible experiences, and are a witness for us when we go through such and similar as he did.

* Loving God,

Your love is steadfast, Your faithfulness is without end.

Please remind us of what You have done for us.

Please remind us of our need for Your salvation, that You gave at the cost of coming Yourself to pay the debt.

Please remind us of our great hope in You that far exceeds even the most woeful of times we have here in this broken world.


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