January 16, Reading 2 – Job 25, 26, 27


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SAA Notes

Bildad begins with a doxology. He’s a good example of deluded spirituality. He sounds spiritual, so that though many feel his teaching or leading is wrong, they don’t like to oppose him because that would seem unspiritual! Can you tell the difference between sounding spiritual and the real thing?

SJA Notes

Bildad now gives what seems like a trite “spiritual” response.

As Stuart Snr says in his notes, he sounds spiritual, and so people feel bad opposing him because that would seem unspiritual!

Thankfully Job doesn’t think that way. He really gives it to Bildad! Perhaps more sarcastically than some of us might.

“How you have helped him who has no power! How you have saved the arm that has no strength!”

Job isn’t going to let Bildad get away with saying words that seem spiritual but have no grounding in reality.

And once more we read that Job is steadfast in his faith in God.

And this time, in chapter 27, it seems like Job is affirming the long-term nature of God’s judgement on evil men. In some ways it reads very similar to what his friends have said previously. That evil men have their wealth taken from them.

This shows the reality of this debate. That there’s some things being said that have value. It’s just mixed up with bad/false theology and empty platitudes.

May the Lord grant us His wisdom as we speak we one another, particularly when ministering to those undergoing grief and sorrow (particularly situations that we might not fully understand).

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