January 19, Reading 2 – Job 31


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SAA Notes

In all his defence, Job’s great cry is for someone in heaven to come and be his defence lawyer before the judgment seat of God! Verses 31:35-37. Job is crying out for a mediator between God and himself! Isn’t Jesus the answer to his cry?

SJA Notes

Look at how detailed a mind Job has, to be able to run through this list of possible misdeeds and sin.

He is exhaustive in his humility, being a wonderful example of what Paul says in Philippians 2 v12, that we “… Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,”.

This is what that looks like! To be intentional and deep-thinking about our spiritual integrity.

We’re coming to the pointy end of Job, and indeed, there isn’t much more from Job at this point (a little at the end).

So it’s very interesting that his final portion of the debate is this protestation of his innocence with regard to his current situation.

He has reached this point, that as Stuart Snr says, he wants a heavenly defender to plead his case.

How good it is that we have Jesus!

“Consequently, he is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.” Heb 7 v25

January 19, Reading 3 – Matthew 13:24-43


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SAA Notes

Jesus was very concerned that we understand about the Kingdom of Heaven. Why do you think He was so bull-doggish about this topic?

SJA Notes

How backwards and upside-down is this kingdom that Jesus tells us of!

The weeds (people of the evil one) are left to grow amongst the grain (people of God’s kingdom). How strange this is to think about, and how alien to what the world would have us think.

The mustard seed (the kingdom) grows from an insignificant-seeming seed into a tree that brings benefit to all around.

The yeast (the kingdom) completely changes the fundamental nature of the flour.

The stories/parables from Jesus, His preaching, and expanding out to all of scripture (which is God’s word, Jesus being it become flesh) – They teach us of His kingdom, and how it is absolutely different to any other sort of kingdom.

What a privilege it is to be a part of God’s kingdom!

Let’s be encouraged and exhorted with these words, and go forth with joy at this wonderful promise, “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”

* Dear Father,

Thank You for calling us into Your kingdom.

Thank You that Your Word is clear, that Jesus is clear – Your kingdom is not like any other.

Thank You that we can look forward to shining like the sun in Your kingdom, where You will be our light!