December 5, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 35


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SAA Notes

This Passover was a spiritual high-point. Yet the complete dissolution of Israel happened within a few years. We must not rest on the laurels of the past. The Church is ever only one generation away from apostasy and decline. Our hope is in Jesus Christ – what He has started He will finish. He was raised from the dead – unlike Josiah!

SJA Notes

“He appointed the priests to their offices and encouraged them in the service of the house of the LORD.”

This is what a king does!

He gives jobs and encourages us in our service.

And our true king, Jesus Christ, He does this.

Our good works, the jobs given to us in Jesus, were prepared _beforehand_ by God Himself (Ephesians 2:10).

As well, we are all part of the royal priesthood (living stones, spiritual house, 1 Peter 2).

Through Jesus our king we have been appointed to the service of God.

Let us be encouraged in this by Him. Jesus sent His Spirit to encourage us in our service.

We can be encouraged in reading of Josiah, he was a king who patterned Jesus in many ways.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for saving us to good works, that we do because You have saved us – As You call us, we love You therefore we do what You ask.

Please help us to love You more each day.


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