December 4, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 34


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SAA Notes

For his first six years, Josiah knew only his grandfather’s faith! He followed that faith, the faith of his fathers that God blessed. There were many other faiths or religions of his ancestors that God did not bless, but judged, because they brought many evils. The high point was the rediscovery of the Bible! Unfortunately for God’s people, Josiah did not live forever! (v.33) Hallelujah for the birth of Jesus Christ!

SJA Notes

After the folly of king Manasseh we read of Josiah.

At sixteen he made his grandfather’s faith his own (v3) and began to bring reform back to Jerusalem and Judah.

Josiah cleansed the land, he broke down the altars, he destroyed the carved and metal images. He was an idol-breaker!

And on top of this, Josiah was king when God’s word was rediscovered (v14), and he humbled himself on reading it (v19-21).

Josiah was a wonderful king, but as Stuart Snr says, he died.

We have seen all the way through our OT readings that we need a king who doesn’t die, whose reign is unending. One who keeps God’s law and rules with justice and mercy in all truth.

We have that in Jesus!

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