December 4, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 34


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SAA Notes

For his first six years, Josiah knew only his grandfather’s faith! He followed that faith, the faith of his fathers that God blessed. There were many other faiths or religions of his ancestors that God did not bless, but judged, because they brought many evils. The high point was the rediscovery of the Bible! Unfortunately for God’s people, Josiah did not live forever! (v.33) Hallelujah for the birth of Jesus Christ!

SJA Notes

“And the king stood in his place and made a covenant before the LORD … Then he made all who were present in Jerusalem and in Benjamin to join in it.”

This was a good covenant that Josiah made with the Lord. We see true worship, we see humility before the word of the Lord, we see the people turning back to the Lord and idolatry put away and torn down.

It was a good covenant that the king made.

But the king died. And the people died.

As we have seen all through these generations, the spiritual health of the nation rises and falls in good part with the heart of the king.

But the king dies. And the people die.

That is why we need Jesus.

He is the ever-living king who has broken death.

The covenant God enacts through Jesus as King does not end, because our king does not die!

And He is the true man, who was both fully God but also fully man. He has experienced the hardship of this life, the trials and tribulations, and yet has remained without sin.

The covenant God enacts through Jesus as the righteous man does not end, because as God He is able to enact and keep both sides of the covenant – And we rest in Him! His righteousness is ours!

* Dear Lord God,

You have made it possible for us to know You, we though sinful and unable to save ourselves – You have worked so that Your right and holy and powerful justice is undiminished yet we can escape out from under it!

Thank You Lord! Praise Your Name!


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