December 3, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 33


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SAA Notes

Manasseh was the worst of kings and the best of kings. In his old age, the Assyrians captured him and imprisoned him for a while in Babylon. Manasseh is a prime example of the prodigal son. The lesson is: don’t stay in the dregs of life. Return to your Father in heaven!

SJA Notes

“Then Manasseh knew that the LORD was God.”

Here is a great big deep truth, one to wrestle with, to roll over and think about – To ask God for help in understanding.

Because Manasseh did great evil. Manasseh committed terrible atrocities.

But Manasseh turned to the Lord.

More than acknowledging our God (which many folk do, as we have seen reading through the old and new testaments) – He comes to the knowledge that the LORD was God.

Manasseh saw the truth of who God was.

And in doing so, because you cannot but do this, he saw the truth of himself. A sinner saved by grace!

Manasseh humbled himself before the Lord who he had for many years rejected and actively brought dishonor to.

The good news of Jesus is a message that cuts through any human state or experience.

We see with Manasseh that even the most vile despot can turn to Jesus.

Let us be encouraged to pray for one another, for those around us, for those who are antagonistic and angry, for those who fight against the church, for those who are actively doing evil.

We have a God who can overcome the greatest evil with His good!

* Dear Lord,

Thank You for saving Manasseh. Please help us humble ourselves before You, as Manasseh did.

Please help us to know that You, the Lord, are GOD.

Thank You for saving us. We would tell those around us of this wonderful good news – Please grant us opportunity to witness You and Your love for us!


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