December 24, Reading 3 – Revelation 16


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SAA Notes

Judgment leads to the freedom of God’s people. The imagery of this chapter is meant to remind us of the history of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt. Seven is the number for completion or wholeness. God’s salvation of Israel was complete. So too shall be His salvation of the people of Christ! Hallelujah!

SJA Notes

“Yes, Lord God the Almighty, true and just are your judgments!”

It can be hard to read God’s word, particularly where what is being said is so completely offensive to the world that it causes even in us an immediate reaction.

But this is God’s word. It is the only mirror that always tells us the truth. It is to be our lifeblood, our source of wisdom, written on our hearts.

So when God’s word tells us that His judgements (including these end times prophesies) are true and just – We have to wrestle with this.

However, we do not wrestle from a position of unbelief. A position of “This can’t be what God is going to do.”

Instead, we must take it as TRUTH and wrestle with our own frail and feeble selves that cannot fully grasp God’s majesty and power.

When Jesus returns there will be terrible things that happen to those outside of Him. As we read,

“… And God remembered Babylon the great, to make her drain the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath.”

This is not a weak and inactive man-made god.

This is the Holy God that we worship, and He is the one who saved us.

Because in Jesus, we can escape this final judgement. This is the good news!

* Lord God Above,

Thank You for saving us from our sin, saving us from Your judgement.

Thank You that You sent Yourself to be the sacrifice, to take the penalty we deserve.

Please remind us of Your true and just judgements as we walk through life, that we might have a burden for the lost, to point them to Jesus.


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