December 19, Reading 1 – Nehemiah 6


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SAA Notes

Tobiah’s name means God is good! Tobiah’s son was married into a priestly family. He had many friends in the rebuilt Temple. (Eg Eliashib the priest in charge of the Temple storerooms.) The situation Nehemiah faced was complex, but he persevered!

SJA Notes

Look at the persecution Nehemiah faced as he walked with the Lord!

It’s a good reminder, God’s people have enemies. There will be those who work against the Lord and His people.

Nehemiah has two requests here, one personal and one pastoral (sort of!).

v9 says, “But now, O God, strengthen my hands.”

His enemies wanted him and the people working to be frustrated, to stop the work.

Nehemiah knows where his strength comes from. The Lord!

And v14, he requests, “Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, O my God, according to these thigs they did, …”

This is a request that the Lord would remember the wickedness the enemies of God have done to him.

That can be a hard thought/prayer to reconcile. We want to have a heart for the lost, to cry out that the Lord would save our unbelieving family and friends, the world around us.

Praise God for Jesus, that He saves, that it is God who predestines, and that Jesus is our great conquering king, who defeats our enemies. All of Him!

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