November 4, Reading 3 – John 6:22-40


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SAA Notes

What is the food that endures to eternal life? (v.27) Jesus declares that He too is as meek as Moses – He has come to do God’s will. Jesus concludes his discourse with a reference to the last day.

SJA Notes

* Almighty God, You are holy – Please work within us today.

“… That everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

To look on the Son!

To look on Jesus!

Sir, we would see Jesus today!

As with the bronze serpent in the old testament – lifted up, those who looked on it were saved from the plague – so for us (but in a much greater and deeper and better way) we are saved when we look upon Jesus and believe in Him.

Jesus is the water of life. Jesus is the bread of life. Jesus satisfies eternity that is set in our hearts.

In Him we find eternal life. True meaning. True happiness. True rest.

This is our Saviour!

* Dear Lord God,

Please help us to see Jesus today.

Help us to tell others about Him, the bread of life, the water that wells up to eternal life.

Thank You for saving us from our sin.


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