November 22, Reading 1 – 2 Chronicles 18, 19


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SAA Notes

Jehoshaphat is richly blessed by the Lord, but he then goes and marries his heir to Ahab’s daughter Athaliah, a worshipper of Baal – despite God’s explicit prohibition. Athaliah eventually murdered all but one of Jehoshaphat’s great-grandchildren.

SJA Notes

“I saw all Israel scattered on the mountains, as sheep that have no shepherd.”

These words were heard first-hand by Jehoshaphat, a king who set his heart to seek God – Yet he still foolishly follows Ahab and stubborn refuses the wisdom given by the prophets of the Lord.

You would think that on hearing through such an open window into heavenly spiritual politics Jehoshaphat would have thought twice about going to war with Ahab.

However, we can be stubborn ourselves in refusing God’s wisdom, in forgetting our first love.

We do set our hearts to follow the Lord, but like a dog we return to the sick of our old selves.

Even though we are alive in Christ, we often choose folly, just as Jehoshaphat did.

It is good to be reminded of our need to always and ever turn to the Lord. At work, at home, out and about, in the quiet times – to seek the Lord.

We are to guard our ways according to His word, to store up His word in our hearts, to declare His rules and to delight in His testimonies.

We read in Psalm 119,

“I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.”

This passage is a reminder of our need for God’s power in our lives, for His regeneration in our hearts, and for His wisdom to be our delight.

* Loving God,

You save us, despite our rejection of You – Thank You Lord!

You give us a new heart – Thank You Lord!

You give us Your word, the seed sown, and grow it within us, that we might be good soil and bear much fruit – Thank You Lord!


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