October 31, Reading 3 – John 4:31-54


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SAA Notes

Jesus tells us what He is truly about – see verse 34. Can you also aver with the Samaritans this man really is the Saviour of the world? The royal official took Jesus at His word (v.49). Pray for those on our congregation’s periphery that they too might take Jesus at His word!

SJA Notes

Remember the woman from yesterday’s passage?

“Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, ‘He told me all that I ever did.'”

This should be of marvellous encouragement to us! And exhortation and conviction too.

Because telling people about Jesus, who He is, what He does, HIS WORDS TO US – This is a powerful message. One that resonates into people, for we all have eternity set in our hearts, and our King tells us those words of eternal life.

It is true what Jesus says,

“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”

Let us be about the work God has ordered for us, throughout all our days, to promote Him. To do His will, walking obediently underneath it. To point people to Jesus, to tell them of our Saviour Lord!

* Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help us to be effective witnesses of Jesus, to His saving grace, His work of salvation.

Thank You for Your love for us.


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