October 31, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 13


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SAA Notes

Ezekiel’s warning to deceived and deceiving prophets should make every Christian speaker, preacher, leader give pause to reflect on what they say is from the LORD! The Apostle John tells us (in Revelation 19:10) that the spirit of true prophecy is the testimony of Jesus – not the testimony of our future.

SJA Notes

* Dear God, please show us Your wisdom today from Your word.

“My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and who give lying divinations.”

The more we read through God’s word we come to see just how corrupt God’s people can become when they move away from their King.

We see it in Israel’s history.

Church leadership that misleads the people, that say “Peace” when there is no peace. That build up false doctrine and cover it with nice moralism and spiritualism.

God is against this behaviour, this leadership.

Without Jesus, we veer off – Once can see this with a cursory examination of various groups of people in our generation now who perhaps starting out trying to tell people about Jesus have been led astray when discovering power and wealth and fame.

As with Israel so with us.

Today we have church leadership that misleads, saying “Peace” when there is no peace.

But deeper still, we the people, we can become complicit with the leadership (as with Israel) by ignoring God’s call to live holy lives (according to His word), listening to the honeyed (easy to hear) words.

Are we profaning God in our lives today with our behaviour, or honoring Him?

* Father God,

You are holy. We are not.

You are righteous. We are not.

You are God. We are not.

Please help us today Lord, for we cannot help ourselves.

But You do. And have. And will.

More of JESUS, less of us!


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