September 5, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 5


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SAA Notes

Paul quotes from this chapter (judgment is through a people whose language Israel did not understand). Paul uses it, and Isaiah 28:11,12 in 1 Corinthians 14 to say that tongues (languages) are a sign to unbelievers, because tongues are a sign of judgment, e.g., Babel and Iraq’s invasion under Nebuchadnezzar.

SJA Notes

* Gracious Father, please write Your word on our hearts this day.

“But this people has a stubborn and rebellious heart; they have turned aside and gone away.”

This passage shows us clearly why we all need Jesus!

We see that the poor are no nearer to God than the rich – Neither the wealthy or the homeless, the have-nots or the have-muches – No person across any spectrum we might come up with has any more or any less merit in God’s eyes than another.

Jeremiah preached to the poor and they refused to repent.

Jeremiah preached to the “great” but they refused to repent.

The words of Romans 3 can resound in our ears,

“For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

There is no partiality here – ALL HAVE SINNED.

This is a good reminder for us. As God shows no partiality we are to do the same.

This means no partiality in how we engage people, no partiality in telling people about Jesus!

Whether we have opportunity with the less fortunate or the wealthy, whether we are given ministry to the east/west/north/south upper/middle/lower – It only matters that God places us, and so where He places us we work for Him in that situation.

In whatever place, in whatever company – Let us bear God’s Name well, pointing to Him in our thought, word and deed.

May people see Jesus!

* Father God,

Thank You that You show no partiality, no bending with the wind of opinion. You are sure and true, steadfast and faithful.

Please help us today and onwards to reflect Your character, the fruits of Your Spirit.


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