September 20, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 21, 22


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SAA Notes

The king wanted God to do what He did at Exodus. The Word of the Lord (Jesus – John 1:1) tells the king in 22:2-5 that religion is not about God keeping you safe, but about Trust and Obey – there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus! The judgment of verses 28-30 did come upon Jeconiah. His heir was a very distant relative – Shealtiel (Matthew 1:12).

SJA Notes

This is why we are to be more like Jesus. Because unlike any other King, any other leader, He judged the cause of the poor and needy perfectly, He built (and builds) His house in righteousness.

It is not the world that should be telling us how to act toward the fatherless and the widowed, to the stranger in our gates, to the one who has been robbed.

It is God who _tells_ us what to do! It is Jesus who _shows_ us what to do!

First and foremost it is God in His word that sets down the best pattern for our lives (most beneficial too for the world, as well as for God’s people).

Perhaps we need to wrestle with this truth, perhaps we can encourage others to wrestle with it.

Let’s all be encouraged to see the truth of God’s word, and here His call on us to behave as He wants us to, working justice and righteousness.

* Gracious Lord,

Please teach us how to execute justice in the morning and righteousness througout the day.

Please show us Jesus, who did these things perfectly.


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