August 31, Reading 2 – Zephaniah 3


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SAA Notes

Jerusalem Above is the future God has for His people. Jerusalem Below (earthly, present Jerusalem) is the city of oppressors, rebellious and defiled. It has no future with God.

SJA Notes

* Father God, please give us Your wisdom today.

“But I will leave in your midst a people humble and lowly. They shall seek refuge in the name of the LORD, those who are left in Israel; they shall do no injustice and speak no lies, nor shall there be found in their mouth a deceitful tongue.”

It is a very strange world we live in today.

What wisdom does God’s word have for us as we experience world-altering events?

The same wisdom that is for us in times of peace and plenty.

God’s people are to be humble and lowly!

God’s people are to seek refuge in His Name!

God’s people are to uphold justice, rejecting any opportunity for injustice.

God’s people are to be truthful, ignoring the temptation to lie.

God’s people are to tightly hold our words to His truthful standard, rejecting even the hint of deceit.

As we wrestle with what is happening in our lives today, let us continue to be brought back to God’s word.

He is faithful. His love is steadfast. His Name is wonderful. His word is true.

This is a word for us today!

* Dear Lord God,

You are the Good Shepherd – Please protect us Your flock as we go about our lives in this broken world.

You are the Great Physician – Please heal the divisions and ruptures amongst Your people that we see arising today.

You are the Creator, Sustainer, Life-Giver – Please grow us each day toward You!


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