August 28, Reading 2 – Habakkuk 3


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SAA Notes

Here is Habakkuk’s response to God’s answers to his serious complaints. It is prayer. I find Habakkuk’s request: renew Your deeds in our day, and his ending: yet will I rejoice in the LORD, challenging, uplifting and heartening. Don’t you?

SJA Notes

Here is a wonderful clear and powerful/fearful picture from Habakkuk that breaks down any false “prosperity” religion.

Look at v17!

A lack of material blessing has no bearing on Habakkuk’s walk with the Lord. In fact, he clearly says IN SPITE OF THOSE THINGS (the “yet” in v18).


This should be our cry too!

And not just words, but our heartfelt response and wrestling with where the Lord has us in life.

Where should our joy come from? Material things, transient experiences?


“I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”

What a word for us this is!

Habakkuk too knows this truth – That the only strength that matters comes from the Lord.

It’s not our inward stubbornness that will win the day, nor our own intellect or reasoning, and not our strength of body.


“GOD, the Lord, is my strength;”

Because Habakkuk has already laid out who the Lord is in this passage, vs 1-15. Our God is POWERFUL and FEARFUL. Our God is JUST and HOLY.

More, here He marches through the earth in FURY. He threshes the nations in ANGER.

It is good to meditate on the character of our God. And on our response (to both a growing knowledge of who He is, and to our own situation in life) to Him.

* Mighty Sovereign God,

May arrogance and vanity be far from us, rid us of pride in self and desire to be great!

Because it is YOU that is great. YOU that is mighty.

Please Lord, in Your mercy, guide us to find our joy in You, our strength in You.


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