August 22, Reading 2 – Micah 6


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SAA Notes

God addresses the whole church – in both ‘faithful’ and ‘unfaithful’ branches. Verse 6 is a call to accept God’s Messiah. This was Paul’s great hope for the Jews – that they would accept Jesus as the Messiah (Romans 11). Will our denomination heed the Rod that is Jesus? See Psalm 2.

SJA Notes

* Lord God, Yours is the voice of truth. Please help us listen and obey today.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

In the midst of strong rebukes to people practicing false religion, and to an unbelieving world around us, we have these wonderful clear words of instruction.

They speak directly to us, God’s people. Both us as individuals and together corporately.


God has TOLD us. He speaks to us, gives us His word, His wisdom, His INSTRUCTION.


He has told us WHAT IS GOOD. We don’t need further wisdom from the world, we only need His word to tell us what is good, right, proper, wise, beneficial.


DO JUSTICE. This is important to the Lord, that we are a just people. That we work hard to right wrongs where we find them, when He points us to them.


LOVE KINDNESS. God wants us to be a kind people. A people that seeks the benefit of those less fortunate, but also of those “more” fortunate. To be in love with kindness.

Five. Lastly.


Our God is a personal saviour. And a King of His people. In both cases, in both frames, we are to walk in humility WITH HIM. Day by day, hour by hours. Submitting under His sovereign will, and going about that will.

How good is this, God has told us what He requires!

* Great Father Above,

Thank You that You have clearly told us what is good, what You want for us, how we are to act.

Please mark us as a people and as individuals that do justice, love kindness and mercy, and that walk humbly with You.


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