August 21, Reading 3 – Romans 11:1-15


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SAA Notes

In modern Israel there is a remnant chosen by grace. Verse 12 gives an excellent motivation for evangelism amongst Jews – their fullness (in-grafting into Christ through faith in Him as Messiah) will mean greater riches for the Gentile believers.

SJA Notes

There is an elect portion of the Jewish people, who are chosen by grace (not works). The rest of Israel are hardened in their hearts.

True religion is the same for the Jewish person as for the gentile person.

Heart-religion. Save by grace through faith.

Even for those descended from Abraham, the same rule of grace applies. That we cannot earn our salvation. That it is only through Jesus, as we believe in our hearts and confess with our lips.

* Father God,

Thank You that as You were Heavenly Father to Your people of old, as You brought them out of Egypt and into the promised  land – Thank You that You are our Father as well!

Thank You for Your love for us, jew and gentile, the elect.

Thank You that membership into this group, Your family, is by Your grace, and nothing of works.

Thank You Lord God for all that You do for us.


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