July 7, Reading 1 – Joshua 24


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SAA Notes

Verse 31 is one key verse to understand the spiritual import of this the first prophetic book in the Old Testament. This verse sets the scene for the rest of the Earlier Prophets – Judges, Samuel and Kings. It reveals the importance of Jesus’ resurrection – we must have a living Saviour, else we too will slip away.

SJA Notes

What an ending to the book of Joshua!

We see a renewal on the people’s side of the covenant between them and the Lord.

We see Joshua truth-telling to them, exhorting them to obedience (faithfulness to the Lord), but also warning them of disobedience (idolatry).

The people push back in a sense, and commit to the Lord.

And for a generation, perhaps two, the people renew their side of the covenant after the cleaning out of Israel. They saw the work for them, within them, before them. They saw the Lord at work, His power and effectiveness.

But Joshua knew the truth. That they already had idols amongst them (v23), and that they were prone to turn away and serve other gods (v19-20).

Over the next few books of God’s word we will see the truth that rings from Joshua’s words.

As well here in this passage we have this wonderful statement from Joshua after he calls Israel to choose whom they would serve,

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

In Jesus, our greater Joshua, we too are able to grasp hold of this covenant theology. We are able to struggle with and meditate upon what it means for us, the practical outworking as we live our lives in this world.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Joshua’s words here, the clear exhortation to be singular in our devotion to You, to work at the covenant bond in whatever the family units are that we have (that You have given us) – So that we can say with Joshua,

We will serve You!


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