July 6, Reading 1 – Joshua 23


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SAA Notes

Joshua gives Israel a farewell speech. He gives them with a great commission to finish what he has begun. Our greater Joshua – Jesus Christ – has also given us a similar great commission to preach the Gospel to all the world. Our Joshua lives! It is no accident that the three Synoptic Gospels end with Jesus’ ascension and His great commission.

SJA Notes

We are now getting toward the end of Joshua, the first book of prophesy (following the books of the law).

Truth-telling, the kingdom being built (which has symmetry with what Jesus did on earth in a much fuller more complete and better way).

So here we read Joshua’s farewell speech.

Joshua the son of Nun is going the way of all things. He gives his farewell exhortation (in today’s and tomorrow’s readings), and then he dies.

His words are for the exhortation and encouragement of Israel, for them to continue in faithfulness and obedience to the Faithful God, the LORD.

But Joshua, the great leader of Israel, he dies.

Jesus, the greater Joshua, also gives a farewell speech of sorts in the great commission (after rising again from the dead, before ascending into heaven).

However – He is coming back!

Unlike Joshua the son of Nun, Jesus the Son of God is a leader whose word goes on, because He is not dead. He is alive!

Praise God, what a Saviour!

* Gracious and merciful God,

Thank You for Jesus, our ever-living king, whose word continues on undiminished through all the span of time!

Thank You for giving to us Your word, please write it on our hearts this day and onwards.

Please open the eyes and ears of our hearts to see and hear what You want us to know today.


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