July 3, Reading 1 – Joshua 18, 19


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SAA Notes

There is one detail that recurs throughout the Bible – men or angels who survey or measure the land. This recurs in Zechariah 2 and Revelation 21:15. If you belong to Jesus, there will be a place for you, just as He promised. John 14:2

SJA Notes

“How long will you put off going in to take possession of the land, …”

And so the allotment of the land of Israel between the tribes continues.

Here we see that Joshua is calling out the remaining tribes, convicting them of their not following the Lord’s commands.

The Lord was going to go before them, but they still needed to act and move!

The enemies of Israel were, for the vast majority, removed – And the land was waiting.

Perhaps because of fear (remembering the twelve spies, the fear of man chosen over the fear of the Lord) the people hadn’t gone forth.

So Joshua gives them a prod and helps them out.

In the end the distribution of tribes amongst the land is carried out by lot (18:51) letting the Lord decide which tribes, and afterward measuring the describing the land.

In Luke 19 we read the parable of the servants given money (and then what they do with it) while their master is away.

These truths we read in Luke and here in Joshua are an important reminder that we need to both submit under God’s sovereign will for us and go about His will for us in obedience.

God is our King. He has won the fight against the great enemy. He is the one that leads us away from temptation and delivers us from evil.

So what have we then to do?

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way!

* Gracious Lord God,

Please teach us from Your word today, write on our hearts the truths and understandings You have for us.

Please show us Jesus, and help us to point those around us to Him, to You.

Please help us Lord God to trust in You and walk in humble obedience each day.


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