July 2, Reading 2 – Isaiah 11, 12


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SAA Notes

Central to Isaiah’s prophecies is what God says about the coming Messiah. When Isaiah wrote, David’s descendants still sat upon the throne. No one could envisage an Israel without them. But the Lord had revealed to Isaiah that David’s house would be cut down. God promised, before it happened, that He would keep David’s line going through one descendant, and from that shoot would come the One who was to be the Branch.

SJA Notes

* Heavenly Father, please show us Jesus today.

“There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.”

Here is our Saviour King Jesus writ large!

Here is our sure and steady hope, deep and wide, clearly shown!

Here is our story for the nations, those near and dear and those far away!

We read here of Jesus, the true vine, the living and vital shoot from the stump of Jesse (earthly father of King David).

He brings peace, the wolf living with the lamb.

He brings knowledge of God, raising a signal for the nations.

He turns God’s wrath away, He brings comfort and hope.

This is our King, our Lord, our Saviour – This is Jesus!

Let us spend time today and onwards giving thanks to the Lord, calling upon His Name, making known His deeds among the peoples – Let us proclaim that His Name is exalted!

* Mighty God,

Here we read such wonderful words of truth and hope.

Thank You for Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who turns Your wrath away from those found in Him.

We praise You Lord, for You have done gloriously!

Please help us tell this story to the nations, both near and far.


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