July 11, Reading 1 – Judges 4


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SAA Notes

Deborah and Barak are in a similar relationship as Moses and Joshua. Joshua trusted the Word of the Lord through Moses the prophet of the Lord – Barak does not trust the Word of the Lord through Deborah the prophetess of the Lord! This is the major difference. God is gracious to Barak and to Israel.

SJA Notes

“Then the people of Israel cried out to the LORD for help, for he had 900 chariots of iron and he oppressed the people of Israel cruelly for twenty years.”

900 chariots of iron!

Probably comparable to have a handful of nukes at your disposal – A great deal of fire-power.

From the world’s point of view, unbeatable.

But that is the problem, isn’t it. We are so often bound up in what the world’s view is.

Science. Politics. Story-telling. Sport. Intellect. The list goes on – We listen to what the world tells us.

Deborah’s words ring true for us today.

“Does not the LORD go out before you?”

Does not the LORD go out before us! What a thought this is, what a truth to wrestle with and grasp hold of.

God goes out before us!

* Father God,

We are told here that You go out before us, to protect us and win the victory.

Thank You!

Please help us to grow our faith, to truly grab hold of this truth – That You go out before us, that You are the one who saves.

Please help us to sift out the wisdom of the world, having Your word written on our hearts – The mirror that tells us the truth every single time we look into it.


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