June 6, Reading 3 – Luke 11:37-54


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SAA Notes

Jesus speaks to a dead conscience – a Pharisee conscience. This is one which does not see beyond religious fervour to the truth about others, and ourselves, about our behaviour, ambitions, words. There is a great mystery here – Jesus’ words are meant for life, but they bring hatred and opposition. Lord, open my ears and heart to one thing from these words!

SJA Notes

Today’s passage puts right any idea that Jesus is just “light and fluffy, full of love and mung-beans”.

Can you imagine the conversation, how this went? Jesus’ words are incredibly pointed, hard and unyielding.

They come from the one who is the energy that created the world and sustains the world, who intimately knows each of us to walk this earth, the one who loves His people so much He walked to Calvary for us.

So it is not an out of nowhere explosive anger that Jesus displays here.

He is JUST (see what the Pharisees neglected) and full of LOVE (which they neglected too).

The prophets, those who were faithful preachers of His word, which He is become flesh – They were murdered down through history by these unbelievers.

Jesus has a hard set of words for the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law here.

Let us remember who He is. What He has done. And be reminded of the depths of His love and His justice.

* Father God,

Thank You for saving us.

We pray for those around us who do not know You. Please save them!

We pray particularly for those in church government who are unbelievers, straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Please save them!


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