May 28, Reading 1 – Deteronomy 6:1-7:10


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Moses told the people to keep God’s Commandments before their eyes at all times in a quite literal way. We have Scripture verses for walls today too. Why do we need help in keeping focused on the Lord and on His word, will and way? What verses are you learning?

SJA Notes

“… But it is because the LORD loves you …”

Here is a great big wide and deep mystery.

Why does God save some and not others?

God did not chose Israel because they were the nicest people or the strongest people or the most numerous.

God chose them because He loved them.

The same is true for us.

God chooses us because He loves us.

This is a mystery. One that has implications for how we operate.

Why should we do what God says?

Because He loves us.

Because the lengths God went to in sending Himself to the cross are at once unfathomable and at the same time what we should spend our lives working through, dwelling on, wrestling with.

That God loves us is a great big mystery.

That we can love Him back is a wonder!

Praise God, Father, Son and Spirit!

* Dear God Above,

Thank You that You chose us, Your people, because You loved us.

Thank You that we can join in praising You with all the saints throughout the ages; past, present and future.

Please help us show our love for You each day, pointing people to Jesus.


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