April 24, Reading 3 – Mark 14:53-72


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SAA Notes

The world will always treat Jesus with contempt. This is nothing strange. There is nothing strange, either, about the feebleness of our courage in trying times. Peter is a good example here – he turned again to the Lord.

SJA Notes

“And he broke down and wept.”

Here is Peter’s reaction to his denial of Jesus. We know that within this short timeframe Jesus Himself turned and looked at Peter (Luke 22:61).

Can you imagine! Peter was crushed, the weight of his sin a heavy burden.

He did what many of us have no doubt done.

Peter broke down, he cried his heart out.

In John 21 we read of Jesus’ great love, shown to Peter.

Three times Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him. You can imagine Peter showing great emotion, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.”

Jesus’ response to Peter then is not to stop at the breakdown and never leave that place of heartache – But to get about the work that Jesus tells us to do.

“Feed my sheep.”

This should be of great encouragement to all of us, because whatever place we have in life, whatever job we have, whatever our time is made up of – This command is for all of us!

* Father God,

Thank You that Jesus’ forgave Peter. Thank You that Jesus brought Peter back into fellowship, restored Peter to Himself.

Thank You that we have the same in Jesus.

Thank You for saving us, for bringing us from outside the camp to inside, from being enemies to being friends.

Thank You Father God.


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