April 24, Reading 1 – Numbers 4


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SAA Notes

The duties of the Levite clans were specified. There is nothing unspiritual about good organisation or administration in the worship and life of the Church. The Apostle Paul said: everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. 1 Corinthians 14:40 This is important for family and individual worship – if they are to happen!

SJA Notes

In this passage the Lord goes deeper into the tasks of the three clans in Levi (who take care of the tabernacle).

The sons of Kohath were to carry the ark, the table, the lampstand, the altar and all the utensils connected with these.

The sons of Gershon were to carry the curtains and hangings (but not the veil, see v5) and the cords.

The sons of Merari were to carry the structure of the tabernacle; the frames, bars, pillars and bases, and all the equipment and accessories attached.

You can imagine that the packing up went in that order too, then unpacking and assembling would have been in the reverse (structure -> walls -> holy things).

It is interesting what role Aaron and his sons have in all of this.

The Kohathites were not to touch (v15) or look upon the holy things, even for a moment (v19-20)!

The High Priest and his sons had to be the ones to cover up the holy things with coverings (the veil for the ark, goatskin, blue cloth, scarlet cloth).

This detail and care shows us again the importance God places on His meeting place. The rigorous and emphatic commands (for our own good, v17-20) that God gives.

While we look forward to His tabernacle fully realised in the new heavens and the new earth (Revelation 21 v3-4), in the now we are God’s church on earth. When we come together, meeting with Him, it is a wonderful and important thing.

Let us be encouraged to continue to place a God-given importance on meeting with Him, together with His people. A holy God in the midst of sinners, saved by grace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

But too, a care for one another, we who make up His church. Loving one another, spurring to good works, toward unity in the Spirit!

* Gracious Lord,

Please help us to take seriously meeting with You; In our own personal devotions, in what immediate family units we have, and in our church families that You have placed us in.

Thank You that Jesus entered the Most Holy Place, offering Himself up as the once-for-all sacrifice.

Thank You for saving us dear Lord God!


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