April 23, Reading 1 – Numbers 3


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SAA Notes

The Levite clans all had their own particular responsibilities with the carriage, erection and function of the tabernacle. The tribe of Levi belonged to the Lord in the place of each first-born bought with the blood of the Passover Lamb! In Christ, we are the Church of the first-born! Hebrews 12:23

SJA Notes

Last passage we read that the Levites were to guard the tabernacle, in the centre of the camp.

Today we ready deeper in, breaking up the clan of the Levites into the sub-clans of Gershon, Kohath and Merari.

Each of them have different (and diverse) roles within the guarding/taking care of the tabernacle. And importantly, with the taking down and setting up of the tabernacle when they (Israel) moved.

Later on in Numbers (chapter 9) we will read that God’s cloud was the instruction for whether they stayed in a place or whether they travelled. And in this was the very serious roles of who broke down and set up the tabernacle (and which parts of it).

There are many different parts of God’s church, we are all different parts of one body (1 Corinthians 12).

We read Paul’s words,

“But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them as he chose.”

God calls us all to be a part of His church. One of us might be a foot, the other an eye, someone else an ear. Different attributes, abilities, personalities and characters. But one body.

Let’s be encouraged that while we might be given different jobs in the church, have different God-given gifts, we are all one church, under one Lord – Jesus Christ our Saviour.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You that we are different parts in the one body, Your church.

Thank You for calling us into Your (one) family.

Please help us to love each other as You have loved us.


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