April 22, Reading 2 – Psalm 146, 147


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SAA Notes

This psalm 146 testified to who Jesus was when He gave sight to the blind and gave food to the hungry etc. He is the Lord Himself! Israel was not asked to believe Jesus on blind faith, but on the testimony of the Old Testament.

SJA Notes

“Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. When his breath departs, he returns to the earth; on that very day his plans perish.”

Here is a hard truth, a reality for all of life.

Humanity can never save humanity.

No son or daughter of man can never save even just one other person, or even themselves.

And here in this psalm we have a very deep reason for that – Because death comes to us all.

We all die and return to the earth. And any plans we had, they are dust.

But there is a difference here that we know – Because while “a” son of man can never save, THE Son of Man is a very different person.

THE Son of Man is the suffering servant king, who bore our stripes – With His wounds we are healed.

THE Son of Man is the prince of peace, who won peace with God for His people – By His blood as a sacrifice in our place we are saved from our sin.

THE Son of Man is the rider on the white horse, who will come again one day, the Forever King – By His righteousness we will stand on that last day, counted as His sheep, receiving our inheritance (won by our King for us).

He is worthy of our trust!

* Mighty God,

Thank You that You are worthy of our trust.

Thank You that You never fail, Your love is unending.

Thank You that You are all-powerful, that there is none who can best You.

Thank You that You in Your power You are intentionally working for our good, the good of Your people.

Thank You that we can trust in You even though we often don’t understand.

Please help us to do this.


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