April 11, Reading 3 – Mark 7:24-8:10


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SAA Notes

Faith is the key. A Syro-Phoenician was automatically regarded as spiritually unclean. Yet this woman has her prayer granted. The next healing is in Decapolis – which had its resident evangelist (Mark 5:20). People begin to hope in Jesus because of one person’s testimony.

SJA Notes

* Creator God, Your ways as shown in Your word are much higher than ours as the heavens are from the earth. Please grow our trust in You.

“Yes Lord; yet even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”

How hard a word this is for us humanity to hear!

To have an understanding, to be so humbled at the feet of the Saviour, to be so clearly acknowledging our own state,

That even just a CRUMB of what Jesus brings is better than anything the world has to offer.

What a hard word this is.

The rich young ruler that came to Jesus faced this word and did not like it, we read in Mark 10,

“Disheartened by the saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.”

Jesus wants our hearts in singular devotion, not broken up between many loves, but ONE LOVE, singular and steadfast.

And our mindset is to be humbled to acknowledge that what He brings, even a drop, a tiny sliver, a crumb … There is absolutely nothing we can get from this life that measures up.

What are we giving up to follow Jesus? This is not the question.

The better question is,

What are we not giving up? What are we holding onto? What do we need to let go of?

* Holy God,

You call on us to be faithful as You are faithful.

To love as You have loved.

To show grace and mercy as You have wrought and shown.

Please help us to follow in Your path today.


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