March 9, Reading 3 – Acts 15:36-16:15


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SAA Notes

Paul and Barnabas’s disagreement over John Mark shows that as Matthew Henry said: “the best of men are but men, subject to like passions as we are. … only Christ’s example is … without blot.” Notice it is the Lord who opens Lydia’s heart, not Paul’s persuasive preaching. Pray always without ceasing!

SJA Notes

* God Above, thank You for giving us Jesus, Your word become flesh, who saves us from our sin.

“And there arose a sharp disagreement,”

Even Barnabas, the son of encouragement, had discouragement in his relationships.

We are not told a lot of what happened, but can glean a few things.

Barnabas and Paul had a disagreement over whether or not to bring along a believer who had previously lacked courage and conviction.

They argued.

And it was _sharp_.

Jesus is the ONLY example that matters, that we should aspire to. Anything in another human that resonates with us should only be what they are reflecting of our God, and so the glory and honour belongs to Him, not us.

We don’t look to the copies and raise them up as heroes.

There is only one hero, one to worship – It is King Jesus, God in the Person of the Son.

Nobody else can stand or measure up.

We know this because God’s word teaches us this, and because we can see the truth if our eyes are opened to it.

That even the best of us is broken and unable to be worthy on our own volition.

We need Jesus.

Let us see Him today, draw near to Him, listen to Him.

* Gracious Lord,

Thank You that Jesus, You the son, is the perfect and supreme example of how to live for You.

The PRIME and ONLY and EVERLASTING example of what it means to submit under Your will, to love You and serve You.

Please help us be more like Him.

Sink us in self that we might rise in Thee.


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