March 30, Reading 1 – Leviticus 6:8-7:10


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SAA Notes

The guilt offering was food for the priests – every meal was a sacramental meal. From this chapter comes the New Testament understanding of our Communion Service. We, as a holy priesthood, eat the guilt offering of Christ – we eat and drink in remembrance of Him! Take and eat; this is my body! Matthew 26:26.

SJA Notes

* Dear Lord God, please show us what You want us to know from Your word today.

“Whatever touches them shall become holy.”

What does it take to become holy?

Here we read of the offerings and how holiness (being set apart) was transferred on touch.

We read that the grain offering was a thing most holy, just as were the sin and guilt offerings.

We know these offerings, these sacrifices, could never deal with sin (Hebrews ch 11).

And yet here we read of them being holy, being able to impart holiness, and to be eaten by the priests in a holy place.

God says to us, “… And be holy, for I am holy” (Leviticus ch 11).

Holiness is being set apart from the world, exercising our obedience to God, fleeing from evil and embracing what is good, doing what He tells us to do (and rejecting what the world beckons us to do).

The tabernacle (tent of meeting) was a holy place.

The offering that was itself holy was to be consumed in a holy place.

And the offering imparted holiness.

If we are little tabernacles, vessels for the Holy Spirit abiding in us, then we are each a holy place.

Jesus was the once-for-all offering, the sacrificial lamb slain to atone – to deal with sin.

And through His work we are born again, dead hearts made alive, able to walk in obedience. To be holy.

He is the offering that imparts holiness to us! His continual work, death at Calvary, resurrection from the grave, ascension and intercession that is happening right now.

Hallelujah, because of Jesus we can be holy!

* Father God,

Please make us more like Jesus today. May we be holy as You are holy.


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